The report generator will create a complete report of any given project. You can choose to create several types of reports according to the content as well as to the format (HTML, e-mail, plain text). These reports can be saved, or emailed to your clients!

This program has a built-in report generator, and will show you the work done for the project so far. The report function can generate the following report types: (See Features Page for Std/Pro/Platinum Differences)

Full Report
This report includes the complete information about the submission and general information about submissions in the past. It contains the submission result, engine name, URL, the number of successful submissions on the engine, etc.

Submission Report
This report includes the statistical information on the selected project submission.

Last Submission Report
The report includes the complete information on the last submission results of the current project.

Ranking Report
The report contains the full information on the ranking results of the selected project.

Project Data Report
This report contains the Project Setting data. It does not contain any information on submission or ranking.

Promotional Resources
This report contains the list of available search engines with their short description.