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Update: 9.0.8  Now Available (what's new?).  All current 6.xx, 7.xx, 8.xx users should go here to learn how to update your copy.

TrafficSeeker: The Std, Pro,Platinum and Enterprise are all in this 1 download. The key you purchase will determine which set of features are unlocked for you. Each location below is the same file, just located on different servers. You only need to download from 1 location.

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Version 9.08 released 01/12/11
New DB of Auto and Semi Engines
Fixed bug with editing of Variant description
Fixed bug with wrong selecting auto engines after sorting tree of engines.
Fixed bug with input type "CHECKBOX" in User Semi Engines wizard.

Version 9.07 released 11/25/10
New FTP Uploader
Getting Alexa rating automatically (just press "Refresh" button)

Version 9.06 released 10/23/10
New DB
Updated Alexa rating for Auto submit engines and Semi engines.

Version 9.05 released 9/25/10
Keeping the engine selection in semisubmitter and saving this selection for each project
New DB
Fixed some misspelling
Check box “use foreign links” was renamed to “use external links”
Fixed Set Notes Option using both submitters. If the user enters a note and wants to delete it , it is not possible to do it completely

Version 9.04 released 7/16/10
Fixed "Keyword Builder"
Updated DB for "Keyword Builder"

Version 9.03 released 6/17/10
  Search Engine Database Updated
Fixed: Using the module User's semi-submitter the params/variables the program uses to mark a check box don't not work. The program never checks the boxes such us an agreement or link type. The user has to doit manually i.e - RADIO||LINK_TYPE=normal

Version 9.02 released 4/20/10
   Automatically import "Auto User engines DB" from TS8 DB.(userengines.pdb), Search Engine Database Updated

Version 9.01 released 3/7/10
  External Scheduler, Spider and Databases all updated

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